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Frequently Asked Questions

We have had lots of questions rolling in about Curious Tamariki and are adding the common ones below. If your question isn't answered, send us a message using the contact box at the bottom of this page. 
General questions:
Where is Curious Tamariki Happening in 2021?
There are 2 Curious Tamariki adventures in 2021, one in Titirangi in July and one location TBC in October.
Where were previous Curious Tamariki adventures held?


Due to Covid19 there was one Curious Tamariki in 2020 in Titirangi


- Albany adventures in June at the Albany Community Hub 

- Titirangi adventures in July at Te Uru


- Whenuapai in June


- Kaipatiki in December

How old do I need to be to join the filmmaking experience for teens?

We recommend participants be 12 years or over this year to register for the full program that includes a Curious Experience with scientists and loads of help to make a short film for the film festival. 


Do I have to live in nearby to join?

No. You can come from anywhere in Auckland but we give preference to those who live locally.


I'm at primary school (or left school years ago) is there something for me?

Yes. You can attend the film festival or volunteer to help out. Watch the facebook page for other fun events you can join. 


Does it cost anything to join in? 

This is a free event run by Gecko Trust that has been kindly funded by Lottery Community Matters, however, after our funding runs out it may no longer be a free experience. 


I want to join but have trouble with transport to the events.

If you feel like transport is an issue, please get in touch with us using the form below, we may be able to help link you up with a carpool.

Questions about the Curious Experiences:
If I register, do I have to attend all days of Curious Tamariki? 

Yes, to get the most out of the project and make a film, you'll need to attend all days.

Will the science stuff be tricky?

No. The Curious Experiences are about getting out to explore our neighbourhood. There will be no tests, exams, or long lectures. There may, however, be a few mad scientists. 

What happens if it rains on Curious Experience day?

These events will go ahead rain or shine. If there is a volcanic eruption or severe weather event, we will contact attendees using the email address you provide when you register with cancellation information. 


What do I need to bring to my Curious Experience day? 

We will be outside and will walk around a bit: so hat, sunblock, sensible closed-toe shoes, a drink, lunch, any medications you use, and a raincoat if it looks like that kind of day. We will be exploring and talking together, and you will probably find a pen and notebook useful. Please also bring a device to film on such as a film camera or a tablet or smartphone.

Questions about the short filmmaking?
How long is a short film?

Films for this event will be a maximum of 5 minutes (including title and credits). If you also want to submit your film to the Short Shorts film contest, it will need to fit their guidelines. We will help you with that. 


What does the short film have to be about?

The theme is Curious Tamariki, so it can be about anything you imagine fits that theme. 


Do I need to already know how to make a film?

You don't have to have any prior experiences, we are here to help you and you'll learn how to make your own film from our expert filmmakers! However, we also welcome young filmmakers who are looking for a bit of extra help and mentoring to take the next step. 


Do I need fancy film equipment?  

You can shoot your film on any device you have to hand. If you don't have access to a movie camera or an SLR camera, we are providing special equipment and an app that will enable you to make professional-looking short films with a smartphone. We encourage making the films in teams, so not everyone involved needs a camera of their own.


Does everyone on my short film team need to be registered for Curious Tamariki?

We encourage everyone to register, but if you have a friend who missed out on registration but wants to help you make a film that is ok with us. 


Is it a film contest? 

No. Everyone who is registered with Curious Tamariki and finishes a short film will be showcased at the Film Festival. 


Does my film need to be in English?

If you are making a film for Curious Tamariki, it does not have to be in English. We strongly encourage films made in Te Reo Māori, or any other language, the language of your community.  


Can I make an animation? 

Yes. You can even create fun combinations of traditional film and animation. Your imagination is the only limit. 


Can I make a documentary? 

Yes. We even have an amazing documentary filmmaker to help you. But remember, even a documentary needs to tell a story.  


Will the film festival cost money to attend?

No, the festival will be open to everyone. Invite your family and friends to come along! 


Will Curious Tamariki edit my film? 

Curious Tamariuki may edit together some films for promotional purposes. But we will contact you for permission for any other reason. 


If I make a film with the help of Curious Tamariki, is it still mine? 

Yes. You are the filmmaker and it will always be your film. We will post the short films online after the film festival so people can watch them, but they will be clearly credited to you. 


So we didn't answer your burning question...

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