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Exploring Environment through Science and Filmmaking, Giving a Voice to Nature.

What is Curious Tamariki?

A creative exploration of nature, science and filmmaking for young people. Giving a voice to nature.

AN ADVENTURE:  Nature workshops and games about streams, forests, birds and more.

BUILDING SKILLS: Filmmaking workshop, learn important filmmaking techniques, editing and speak the language of film.

TELLING YOUR STORY: Use your new filmmaking skills to create a film that shares your stories, knowledge and feelings about the environment, films will be started during the workshops and finished in your own time with support.

SHARING STORIES! A community showcase to share the films with your community.


Explore, upskill, be a leader and give a voice to nature!

Dates & Details, 2020 :

Curious Tamariki Titirangi: 7th, 8th and 9th of July from 10am - 4pm each day, based in Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery.

Curious Hapua: Dates TBC, an all ages exploration in collaboration with Hapua Thrive.

Registrations for the 3 adventures this year are now closed! Please register using the form on the website and share with your friends and family. 
About the Curious Tamariki program:
Young people explore nature with scientists by joining an environmental science experience at a local park or reserve.
Then they attend a filmmaking workshop to learn how to capture and edit their own footage into a short film, all with the help of a professional documentary filmmaker! 
Films will be on the big screen as part of a big showcase at the end of the year!  

Science helps us see the world from a different perspective: it magnifies the microscopic, detects the invisible, and even shows us what happened long before humans arrived in Aotearoa.


A film also helps us see the world from a different perspective: it highlights different angles, puts someone else’s view in focus, and frames our everyday surroundings in surprising and entertaining ways.


That's why together they’re the perfect way to explore Kaipātiki's environment.